Re: Slackware and KDE

From: Ransom (
Date: 10/25/05

Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 12:02:57 +0200

Larry Blanchard wrote:

> But first I have to fix the problem. When I brought the system
> up, I
> ran pppsetup and it worked first time. ppp-on, ppp-off - no
> problems.
> Then I decided to try KDE and ran kppp. No joy. It could talk
> to the modem via the "query modem" button, but when I clicked
> connect, it brought up the "connecting" window and hung - never
> even tried to dial.
> When I tried to kill it by clicking, it didn't work. When I
> forced
> it, there was still a kppp in the task list. Kill -9 took care
> of that.
Start kppp from a term and check for error messages.
Before I switched to broadband, I used kppp for dial-up and it
used to work fine. You have to make sure all permissions are set
correctly. You need to have write access to /etc/resolv.conf and
your modem device. To check that out you could try to run kppp
with suid or sudo or even as root just for this one time (but I
think in slack suid is already on).

> So, no problem - back to ppp-on/off, right? Wrong! ppp-on
> still runs, and says it connected, even giving me the addresses
> just like it did
> before. But when I try to run Thunderbird/Firefox/Pan/Kmail/ad
> infinitum, they all say "Can't find" or something
> similar (and no blinking lights on my external modem).
Probably a problem with /etc/resolv.conf. Start ppp-on and check
what's in there.

> Apparently kppp has garbaged something, probably scripts or
> permissions.

IIRC kppp just runs pppd with the configured options as arguments.
Do you have something in /etc/ppp/options. I seem to remember that
kppp requires it to be empty.


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