Fedora Core 2/Windows XP dual boot: selecting Linux doesn't work

I have used Linux for several years at University, but never had the
need to do any installing etc. Now I try to set it up at home, and I've
run into a problem.

I have a new computer with Windows XP/Pro installed on it. As I would
like to have Linux available as well, and as I still had my old 19 GB
hard disk, I decided to install Fedora on the old disk, and make a dual
boot system.

Installing Fedora (FC2) worked fine, apart from a warning about the
alignment of partitions. Removing all partitions on the disk solved
that problem. Using BootPart, I created an image of the boot sector,
placed it on my Windows C: volume, and added the appropriate line to

Now when I restart the computer, I get a screen where I can choose
between XP (default) and Linux. Booting XP gives no problem, but when I
choose Linux, the screen goes black for a second, and then returns to
the same "choose OS" screen. No matter how many times I try, even if I
make Linux the default choice, I always return to that same screen, and
the only way out is to boot XP.

I also tried booting from the Fedora CD in rescue mode, and using dd to
create a boot image (dd if=/dev/hdc1 of=linux.bin bs=512 count=1), but
for some reason I can't mount my floppy drive or get access to the
network, so I have no way to copy linux.bin to my Win drive...

Any suggestions on how I can make Linux boot?

Thanks in advance.

Garmt de Vries.


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