Re: X is broke... freeing multiple contexts (2)

On Sun, 01 Jan 2006 00:24:29 +0100, Wayne Dernoncourt <wayned@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Wayne Dernoncourt <wayned@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Distribution: Fedora Core 4, recenlty updated (Tueesday?
using yum).
Hardware: IBM ThinkPad R31 w/640mb of memory
When I try to boot, I get an error message about:
audit(:0): major=252 name_count=0; freeing multiple contexts (1)

this line is repeated multiple times with the value for major
alternating between 252 and 113(?from memory?) it seems that
when major=113, the value following contexts is (2).

The last line on trying to restart the X server is:
Window manager error: Unable to open X display :17.0

I'm very new to this stuff, any and all help is appreciated.

Before posting, I did google for "freeing mult" and came up with nothing, I also searched this group for "free" on the local server and only found a post about "freezing". Oooops! I shouldn't have abreviated mul! Apparently this is related somehow to se-linux. The post on the redhat site says that apparently he was able to "AND after 6 tries of themed-greeter, it falls onto the gtk=greeter, where I can login..." see

I don't have any idea how this helps me.  Can anyone assist
this clueless individual and resurrect the laptop?

Is your laptop set up to boot with Grub?

Hit 'e' when in the menu, that will show you the default
(or the currently selected) stanza from the grub configuration.

Move to the line starting 'kernel', and hit 'e' again. This will
allow you to edit the kernel command line. Add "selinux=0" and
hit Enter. Hit 'b' to boot using the modified entry.  The
modification is not saved in the config file.  Once inside
the system, edit /etc/selinux/config, setting