Re: Xorg.conf

Michael, thanks for your reply. I have tried xvidtune and all I get is
h sync:1 & v sync:1, below which is displayed the ranges of HorizSync and
VertRefresh as specified in xorg.conf. Finally I am told that "the chip is
not tuneable". Not sure what any of that means!

I think you make a most valid point by suggesting that I use a better driver
than the generic VESA driver. There is no X550 driver in Xorg, the nearest
being for the X300 which actually uses the same RV370 chip as the X550, but
is slower. I had been somewhat reluctant to try ATI's own driver after
reading the countless problems that people had experienced with it.

Note, I get the exactly same OSD as you when using XP. I am merely trying
to achieve the same when using FC!