Re: Two questions - video driver and adding a new compiler to path...

"Nicholas DePetrillo" <nick_usenet@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On Fri, 03 Feb 2006 07:28:36 -0800, Ash wrote:

2.) I also went ahead and installed a evaluation version of a fortran
compiler and it did install. However, when i do :

bash~] which ifort,
it does not find it. Is there some configuration file or environment
variable i need to set. I tried to look for a .bash_profile file where
i could add such options - but didn't find any.

Any input on this would also greatly help.


Maybe I can help you with question 2. Or at least offer a suggestion.

If you want a Fortran compiler, there is f2c, a fortran to C
converter or you just use the fortran compiler that is part of GCC. The
GCC Fortran compiler is g77. Maybe this is what your looking for or maybe
you need the evaluation (commercial?) compiler. Hopefully
someone else who knows more about Fortran than I do can help.

g77 is basically a wrapper around f2c, or was the last time I looked at it.