Re: Recommend a very light Linux distribution for very old computer

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Hi everybody!

I am formating this computer for my sister. Now this computer is very
old 500 MHz and 128mb. I am installing windows 98 and I would also like
to install a very light version of linux. Which distribution of Linux(
perferbably one that has a graphical interface and network capacity) do
you suggest.

Always love it when someone says they have a very old computer and it
turns out it is newer/faster than mine...

Anyway, I was running Fedora Core 2 on a 450mhz PII, with 128mb. It ran
slow in the GUI, and seriously needed more memory. I have since
"upgraded" it with an old 600mhz PIII and it has 580-something mb RAM,
and it runs pretty darn fast.

All you need to do, really, is add some RAM.

Personally, I was looking forward to this answer, but not for a machine
as fast as yours. After all, one of Linux's original advantages was it
could run on 386 machines with limited RAM. I'd like to find some
reference that shows Linux distro's and their minimum/recommended

I have a dell inspiron 7000 with a pII 266 and 128 mb of ram. I have had excellent luck with debian sarge with xfce as my window manager. I can have firefox and thunderbird open and the machine runs smoothly. Before debian I had fedora core 2 on the computer and the machine was slow as molasses. If I was using yum the machine was almost unusable.