Re: best way to run Windows apps in Linux?

On Thu, 16 Feb 2006 09:44:40 -0800, nmdc69 wrote:

Thanks. Still a bit confused: with VMware can I use my Win partition
from Linux, or do I have to build a virtual machine in Linux and then
do a new Win install inside this V machine?

Caveat: I am not running WinXP.
It depends how closely your real world hardware matches the virtual
hardware provided by VMWare. It might work, and then again it might blue
screen, "boot device inacessible." The site: may
offer some help about changing HALs. FYI: the latest version of
VMWare uses a MPC HAL, with either single or dual CPU.

Be aware that there are "activation" issues with XP because a virtual
machine looks like you have replaced a lot of hardware, which is
interpretted as a license violation.

VMWare workstation is a better platform for the beginner than VMWare
Player, because new virtual machines can be built. VMWare player allows
for existing machines to be started on machines without VMWare workstation.

Once you get VMWare working, you can do away with dual boot, though. You
can use a virtual machine whenever you need Windows. I wrote this

Douglas Mayne