DosBox mouse cursor vanishes (Debian Etch)

I only run two things in DosBox - MoO1 and MoM. They both run fine
under Win2k or XP (DosBox 0.63). On Debian Etch (DosBox-0.63-2.1) they
look and sound fine, but as soon as I click the mouse inside the DosBox
window the mouse cursor disappears and I can't click on anything.

To confirm that this was not just a freak occurrence with SimTex games
in DosBox0.63 in Debian, I downloaded HoMM1 from Abandonia and got
exactly the same result. Works fine in Windows, no mouse in Debian.
Same DosBox version, even same DosBox.conf - I usually set mouse
sensitivity to 50 and autolock to true. Changing the sensitivity makes
no difference, and turning autolock off means that the games can't
capture the mouse cursor at all, even using Ctrl-F10. I can't find any
other mouse-related settings.

Given that they work fine under Windoze with the same DosBox version, I
think it must be something to do with Debian. But what?? I'm running
totally Vanilla Debian Etch KDE (fully up to date) - the only thing
I've changed since installing Etch is my .asoundrc file. So I could
understand if the sound didn't work (it does), but not why the mouse

Any ideas? Anyone else come across this issue in DosBox? I can't find
any references to it elsewhere on the web. People talk about the mouse
not locking into the DosBox, but not about the cursor disappearing
after locking.

Grateful for any help,