Re: Linux problem with switch

DanSchlim@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I currently have 2 desktop computers. One has two hard drives, one
with linux redhat and the other with windows xp home. the other
computer has two hard drives as well, one with suse linux server and
the other with windows xp pro. my problem is simple yet complicated.
i have both the computers connected by a 4 port ps\2 switch. when i am
switch from one computer to the next with windows runnin on both
computers, everything is fine, but if i have windows up on one computer
and switch to the other that is running linux, the mouse is eratic.
the slightest movement causes the curser to fly everywhere on the
screen and randomly select things. I am using a wireless keyboard and
mouse. the keyboard continues to work correctly but the mouse does
not. i have tried slecting different mouse options from the setup and
nothing tends to work. could the problem be that the mouse is
wireless? Any suggestions or help would work great. it has done this
with both redhat, and SuSE. When i start the computer up with that
computer having focus, the mouse works jsut fine. I hope someone can
help. thanks

I have a belkin 4 port KVM and have had the same problem. If you add the following argument to your kernel line in your grub or lilo .conf file it will fix the problem. This has worked with different versions of both RedHat and SuSE. kernel ..... psmouse.proto=bare I found this fix a couple of years ago and it has always worked on my Linux systems. About two months ago while switching through the machines my lone XP Home machine had the same problem as the Linux machines used to. Does anyone know of a way to fix the Windoz besides installing Linux. I still need the doze for one program I need to run.