Re: CD burning for dummies

Charlie Gibbs <cgibbs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Charlie, congratulations on making headway.

Hmmm... cdrecord doesn't seem to want to write DVDs. k3b manages
to tickle it the right way, though. [...]

Hmm. Curious.

1. How do I persuade cdrecord to write DVDs? k3b can do it; I just
have to figure out the proper incantation.

Indeed. There may be some scripting magic concealed in there. (I'm not
a k3b user; perhaps someone who is will chime in.)

In case it will help, I maintain a list of extended-cdrecord
implementations and other DVD-burning utilities for Linux, here:
"DVD" on

2. Is that TRANS.TBL file necessary? I suspect not, since this is
the first time I've seen it.

My recollection is that it's a filenames hints/translations file helpful
if your filenames are longer than the standard ISO9660 specs would
ordinarily permit, or have normally-invalid characters, or things like
that. I've never found them indispensible. On the other hand, I do
include "-T" on cdrecord's command line, just on a "can't hurt" theory.

(Sorry about being a bit vague about the exact purpose those files
serve. I don't want to go spelunking through that manpage, any more
than you do.)