looking for a rescue disk for RH 6.0

I have an old Fujitsu operating on RedHat 6.0, and, even though I have
newer OS on my laptop as well as on other computers, I don't wish to
upgrade this one. However, a problem happened, and I don't have a rescue
disk. The n°1 installation CD should be able to operate as a rescue disk,
unfortunately it doesn't do so, instead it displays a message saying that
with this "new" release you can no longer boot on rescue mode, unless you
have recorded a rescue disk from you system. Since my system no longer
boots, I don't know what to do.

Could anyone tell me if and where I could download an image file that I
would record on a boot disk ? Google lead me to a few addresses for this
purpose, unfortunately the links are non operative, most likely too old.

What was the problem in the first place ? I have something wrong in one
partition, which is called hda5. Once every 20 boots, the system carried a
check, and I used to get the following message :

"Kernel Panic..." (or something of the kind, which I can't remember
exactly)... "you must run fsck manually. Enter root password or type
CTRL-D for normal setup"

then I used to enter root password as required, and I typed "fsck
/dev/hda5"... It did the work, I typed "Y" when required, and in the end I
rebooted the system... Once this was done, I could boot, up to 20 times
without problems. I have operated this same way over 2-3 years, being too
lazy to investigate a way to really solve the problem once for all.

However, last week, when the system asked me to run fsck manually, and, to
that purpose, give my root password, the latter was not reckognized !
After each trial, it showed the same line again and again: "Give root
password or type CTRL-D for normal setup". CTRL-D leads to a shutdown,
that is all. So, I am stuck, and that's why I wish to try a rescue disk so
as to carry a manual fsck on hda5. I don't know why the system no longer
reckognize my root password... it may be because space on hda5 is full or
pretty close... not quite sure if it is... or a partition other than this
one maybe full or pretty full...

Thanks in advance for any hint.