Re: Distro advise

Douglas Mayne <doug@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Mon, 10 Apr 2006 11:05:19 -0400, Rick Moen wrote:

I realise things have changed but, through around 1997, my main X11
workstation console + shared ssh server + Web/ftp server was a 486DX2/66
EISA/VLB box with 64MB total RAM.

Yes, that is less horsepower than P75. FYI: in about 1997 I threw out all
of the 486-33 based computers, and replaced them with P.P200. Some of
those computers are still in use. The power supplies and fans have needed
to be replaced and some minor upgrades, but they work (especially as
routers, firewalls, proxies, gateways.)

Ja. I attribute that box's shrugging off Slashdottings to it's having
had well-tuned Apache httpd settings and a _really_ good SCSI-based mass
storage subsystem (e.g., Adaptec EISA host adapter, and multiple drive
spindles. Most people's casual Linux boxes are somewhat I/O bound; mine
never have been.

BTW, I've been shocked to realise just how sucky the case fans in my old
VA Linux / VA Research boxes (both servers and workstations) are.
Replacing them has reduced the din in my house a _lot_. (OTOH, the
Sparkle PSU in the old VA StartX MP w/Intel 440BX motherboard is still
pretty good. Almost as solid as the 486's PC Power & Cooling one. ;-> )