Re: How to find active grub.conf

"edgefree" <songbd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi all,

I ran into a problem.

On my disk, I installed several distributions, like FC, Debian, SuSE
and etc. In order to remain them completement, I installed them all,
including grub. I installed grub.conf on each partition. That means
each time the installer refresh MBR grub stage1 data to point newer

After several installtion, I hardly find which the active grub.conf is?
It is boring thing to check them one by one.

I guess there are method which can find active grub.conf easily. Would
you mind share your experience with us?

BTW, someone may say install all grub.conf on fixed place. However, we
are not planning to do like this. :)

Thank you in advance!

Add a comment in the displayed boot configurations line of your different
grub.conf files, referring to the distribution it's from.