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Secondly, I am aware you can use http://localhost:631 to bring up the
CUPS printing system, but how do you do this from a networked PC
connected to the LINUX server rather than the main console itself?

Open a web browser and do
IF you have set up cups to allow remote administration of the cups,
then away you go.

I'm sorry, but that interface is really, really bad. The
redhat-config-printer or system-config-printer tool in more recent RedHat
releases are vastly, vastly superior to the CUPS configuration tool. Eric
Raymond wrote a famous rant about it, years ago, at:

So use the config-printer stuff that came with your machine.

Raymond's article was also written 3 years or more ago.

Thank you! That was a treat. I especially liked this comment in the
follow-up article:

[...] I mean, these [Unix] people worshiped at the altar,
which is NOT cool in 2004. What I realized is that Linux is not a
code base. Or a distro. Or a kernel. It's an attitude. And it's
not about Open Source. It's about a bunch of people who still think
vi is a good config UI.

That last sentence sums up all Linux's problems in a nutshell.


Thank you for that article, and the followup comments. It has
justified to me a decision I made last week that I didn't feel
comfortable with at the time.

Of course you could justify yourself even had you decided to put DOS onto
them, and have all the students type in a one inch keyboard. People are
good at self justification. The comments
above are brain damaged and putting Win98 on school computers comes close
to criminal negilence. They are so insecure it hurts. Anyone in the world
can hack into them and will school kids start messing about with them.
Really bad idea.

I have managed to acquire a bunch of computers for a school, to
replace some wornout old workhorses which mainly browsed the internet,
and occasionally ran some Office applications. Because they had no

AAAARGH. Why not just leave a few guns with bullets lying around as well.
I'm sure the kids will love playing with them.

installed operating system, but were licensed to use Windows98 I had a
choice - Linux or Wndows98.

Unfortunately I also needed to set up a printer on one of them and use
it from all of them. Looking into how this might be done, I couldn't
get a glimmer of where to start.

Setting up a printer is NOT hard. And cups does have the tremendous
advantage that that one printer is advertised to all of the other machines.
For any reasonable distro, there are printer setup tools, as mentioned
above. The cups setup tools are frustrating, I will admit, but they are NOT
all there is. I suspect you never even tried to install anything.

They are now running Windows98, Open Office and Firefox.

The discussion I have just read leads me to believe that trying to set
this up to run effectively unattended is not worth the hassle.

No, after all it is not you that will be hurt.


My first frustration with CUPS came when I tried to print from Firefox
to my Laserjet5M. I had the laserjet set up using Postscript - because
the greyscale was far superior to that produced using PCL. However
Firefox complained that the printer was one point revision too low for
it, and I had to install some filter or other in CUPS.

Without a decent error message it is almost completely impossible to know
what you are talking about.

The printer is back on PCL.

So now those kids have vastly inferior printing as well. Wow.

The point being that I hadn't used the CUPS config files to set it up,
I just used whatever GUI Ubuntu had provided. I don't want to mix GUI


and config file editing (especially after reading the article) and I
certainly don't want the grief of doing it all by editing config
files. (Especially in a modal editor - and the only way I have found
to use a decent editor on a config file is to log in as root. SU only
lets me use the abomination called vi ( or is it vim, which to me is
an abrasive cleaner - now there's an appropriate thought). )

???? No idea what you are talking about. vi is a quick efficient editor,
but some do not like it. So use one of the 10000 others. And if you su to
root and then type in the name ( eg kedit /etc/passwd)
there you go, you have a gui editor under root. You do not have to use the
little icons to do everything.