Re: difficulty recompiling RHEL 4.2 kernel

"Nico Kadel-Garcia" <nkadel@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Lenard wrote:
It sounds like you maybe forgot to "prep" the source before;

After installing the kernel source you need to do;

Hold: what is in /usr/src/kernels is precisely that "prepped" directory,
with the default config files in an appropriate subdirectory.

As Nico Kedel-Garcia suggested instead of the 'make modules_install'
and 'make install' commands you can use the 'make rpm' command.

Then use "rpm -i" on the resulting kernel RPM to install it *as well as*
your existing kernel, instead of to replace it. Trust me on this part,
you don't want to do an "rpm -U" or "rpm -F" and replace the existing
kernel until you've had a chance to test it.

Okay, thanks Nico, I'll make sure I don't replace the working kernel until
after testing the new one. But I wonder whether the new info in my earlier
response to you alters any procedires.

- Dushan