Re: difficulty recompiling RHEL 4.2 kernel

Unruh <unruh-spam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dushan Mitrovich writes:
Actually, I'm using Scientific Linux 4.2, which came on 4 CDs. It is
RHEL 4.2 specialized for scientific apps by Fermilab, CERN, and several
other national labs, and is supposed to be stable. And so far it's been
_very_ stable: haven't managed to modify it at all. But I have already
found some bugs in it (in particular, system-config-display doesn't work
correctly, and the supplied video drivers are very flaky -- details if

video drivers have nothing to do with the kernel. Those are under X.
What is system-config-display?

It records the parameters relating to keyboard, mouse, video adapter and

you want them) that I've managed to get around. To say that I'm not en-
amoured with this distro would be a major understatement. The Scientific
Linux managers at Fermilab say my earlier problems were in parts of the
distro they hadn't touched. I had sent a description of the problems and
solutions to RedHat, and never got any response back.

You would hardly expect RedHat to do something about a rewritten version.
Might as well send Redhat problems with Mandrake, since Mandrake branched
off from Redhat 5 years ago.

But according to the people at Fermilab responsible for SL, that part has
_not_ been rewritten. My description sent to them was intended as helpful

Nico Kadel-Garcia wrote:
What about simply deleting, flushing the remnants of, and re-installing
kernel-devel or kernel-source for your distribution?

Yes, at this point that's what I think will have to be done.


I don't know what else to do, everything else having failed.


One more, unrelated, question: I have an external USR 33.6 modem that
works fine from OS/2, but linux can't seem to find it. From what I've

Find it? What is to find. It is connected to a serial port. You just
send stuff to that serial port.

Oh. Thanks for the reference.

read, my (faint) impression is that modem support is already available
as a module. I've looked on the I'net for a linux driver for it, but
could not find anything. Any thoughts?

?? an external modem does NOT need a module.

Good, now I know.


Here's another head-scratcher I ran into: I have an IDE DVD/CD recorder,
which Linux sees and mounts/unmounts jst fine. I also have a SCSI CD-ROM
that I have no idea how to get recognized. Linux sees the SCSI adapter
okay, but how do I find the CD drive attached to it?

/dev/scd0 probably.

I'll try that; thanks.

- Dushan