Re: SATA drives insanely hot and lm-sensors not working

magnate wrote:
I have two WD2500JS drives in my box running Debian Etch (kernel
2.6.15). I've installed the "hddtemp" package and it reports that one
is running at 70 degrees and the other is at 76. It can't tell whether
these are C or F, but I assume C. That's way outside the specified
operating temp for the drive (up to 55c) and even the non-operating
temp (up to 65c).

What can I do about this? The case already has an extra chassis fan,
which I've faced inwards to bring cool air into the case (because the
big PSU has two fans which expel air out of the case, and because that
brings the cool air right past the HDs).

Is there a linux utility to spin down the drives when not in use? (ie.
put them in standby or sleep mode or something?) I'd like to try that
and see what effect that has. This box is going to be my router and
server so will be running 24/7.

I've installed the lm-sensors to try and get more info (CPU temp etc.).
It all installed ok, but when I run the 'sensors' command it says

Can't access procfs/sysfs file
Unable to find i2c bus information;
For 2.6 kernels, make sure you have mounted sysfs and libsensors was
compiled with sysfs support!
For older kernels, make sure you have done 'modprobe i2c-proc'!

... I don't really understand this - sysfs is mounted and I installed
the binary libsensors package (via apt) so it should have been compiled
to work properly with a bog-standard distribution install like this.
Can anyone help me solve this problem?

Many thanks in advance,


The WDxxxxJS series have a bug in the temperature sensing.
These drives always read very high.
If you search hard you can find references to this on the WD web site

They are supposedly working on a firmware upgrade, but don't hold your breath. I have a single SATA drive and it runs allegedly at 53C. It is cool to the touch especially underneath where the sensor is located.