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It could be other things: for example, the SuSE 9.2 installer used
to have this terrible habit of forgetting to create the node
/dev/hda2, so I wound up writing widgets to force that to exist for
a network installer.

Why not just use something working?

The customer wanted specific software, known to run on 9.2. You
don't change the OS on a customer without their complete buy-in, and
they hadn't tested it on 9.3.

I'd strongly advice a customer against some home distribution,
this is exactly what enterprise distributions are about. Home
distributions get usually quite to fast EOL for serious usage.

This was a corporate installation, with purchased SuSe licenses. SuSE
guarantees 7 years of support when you buy licenses.

But Timothy? Can you burn a Knoppix CD, boot with that, and tell us
what "fdisk -l" says so that you're not actually using the
installer in the process of trying to debug it?

How do you know Timothy has access to "nix" box at all?

Why do you ned a "nix" box to burn a Knoppix CD? They're easily

LOL...Good one! If you take a close look "nix" is the name of the
OP who has the problems, Timothy just replied to the thread and
you asked him to make a Knoppix CD and use it to debug "nix" his
problems. ;-)))))))

Boy, I misread that one. Thanks for the correction: I lost the original
poster in the lengthy thread.