Linux RH on Asus P5AD2 3.0 Intel - Ethernet not Detecting


I have the below hardware:
Asus P5AD2 3.0 GHz
Onboard Maravell Gigabite Ethernet, USB, Fireware, Wireless Keybaord &
ATI X300 Express 128 MB.
1 x IDE Quantum Fireball (30gig) C: drive for Windows OS (master drive)

1 x IDE IBM (20 gig) D: drive Empty****Linux Red Hat***(MASTER SEC)
1 X SATA Drive (160 Gig) Data Drive -

I have installed Redhat Linux AS 4 and it's not detecting my Marvell
Ethernet Gigabite card. I have tried to install the drivers that came
with CD but no luck.

If anyone has gone thru this issue, please guide me.