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Step 3. If you're _very sure_ your distribution does not offer a
packaged version of that software, then
a) if it's "something.tar.gz", then open a shell and do:
$ cp something.tar.gz /tmp
$ cd /tmp
$ tar xvzf something.tar.gz
b) if it's "something.gz", then open a shell and do:
$ cp something.gz /tmp
$ cd /tmp
$ gunzip something.gz
You'll find the unpacked contents under /tmp, whatever they
are. Follow the instructions you'll probably find in a
README.TXT file, or such. You are strongly advised to be
extremely careful about what code you're willing to run --
doubly so if the instructions call upon you to do anything
with root-user authority.

Try compiling a package sometime *without* root authority

Never compile as root.

- won't happen

Of course it will; that is what you should do.

You only need to be root to install the package.

- are you making this up as you go?

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