Re: Problems trying to configure Linux laptop to print to Windows XP shared printer

"d" <kevindu28@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

I'm at my wits end trying to get my Linux laptop (FC5) to print to a HP
printer which is being shared over the LAN from a Windows XP Home

Instead of sharing the printer the Windows way, you might try
configuring Windows to share the printer the Unix way. Then you can
just tell cups there's a regular printer there. There are detailed
instructions for the Windows part at

When you get to "Step 5: Print Center on Mac OS X", just use cups to
configure the Linux machine instead. There's almost nothing to do,
because you're just pretending it's a Unix printer at this point.

I print to an HP printer attached to a Windows XP Home machine from my
Linux machine (as well as from my Mac OS X machine) this way and it
seems to work well.

I hope this helps,