Re: Trouble with Suse 10.1 and sound

I fought with suse 10.1 sound for a ages with a very new intel onboard
chipset. Yast would see the chipset but the test was completely mute
and starting any of the sound mixers just gave errors. Alsa and the
other standard linux sound driver which I cannot remember just would
not pick up the on board sound.

In the end I chickened out and bought an old £10 creative
soundblaster from ebay that worked immediately. I wish I'd done it
straight away and saved myself a couple of weeks. I guess if you are
competent with Linux or an eager learner you could work around the
problem but I couldnt find an easy peasy workthrough.

The Alsa site combined with this helpful site helped me identify older
creative cards that worked:

Not sure if this is what you were after but it might help...

Norbert Kolvenbach wrote:

I recently installed Suse 10.1 on my new box with MSI K8N Neo4
motherboard. Sound module is on board. YaSt discovers hardware well.
But now sound. Anybody observed the same and can help me?

Thanks and Regards,


"Careful with that VAX, Eugene!"


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