Re: Debian Install problems (Win xp User)

magnate wrote:
Simon wrote:
I am connected to ADSL via a router which is set up correctly and I can
get to the net via knoppix live cd and windoze.

That's good, but it won't necessarily work straight away with Linux -
it may require some manual configuration. Sadly I don't use ADSL so I
don't know, but the general rule is that if your PC connects to the
ADSL router via ethernet, it should work automatically, but if it
connects via USB, it may not. Even with ethernet you may have to supply
a username and password for your ISP. This may be the point at which
your installation stalled trying to download libpcap.

??? If you are connecting to the net via a router, the router will handle the ISP name/password stuff.

In general, if the router is

- doing NAT - ie. masqeuarading a local netowrk - typicallly on 192,.168.*.* - so that more than one machine can use it as an Internet connection and

- its set up as a DHCP master to allocate IP address, default routes, name servers and so on and

- the Linux is set up to accept DHCP as its primary way to connect..

then all should spring to life.

If te lunux is working, you need to use various commands to work out what it is doing..


and the like.

I will check the cd as you say via the expert menu, and report back
here. I will not let this beat me, I want to see this working on my
machine and hopefully I can then throw the Windoze shackles off!

Good luck,