Re: Problem setting up the internet connection

The Natural Philosopher wrote:
Madhur wrote:

I am trying to connect to internet from RedHat Enterprise
Linux 4.0 update. I have configured my ethernet card properly. Using
the netconfig i have given the same parameters as configured in
Windows. In Windows i am able to connect to internet, and I have better
speed. After this configuration if i restart my network ..
$/etc/init.d/network restart
I am able to ping
But if i try to open the web page, page is getting loaded after a long
time. Some web pages are getting browser time outs and not able to open
the page.
I want to know is there any configuration i need to do either in the
browser or the system.
I am connecting directly to the internet through the router provided by
the ISP.
And in the browser there is no proxy setting configuration.
Please help me in establising proper internet connection..


What Browser?

Also, isn't redhat about version 9 these days?

As Jean has replied it is outdated version.. I am using Mozilla Browser
version 1.4.0..