Re: How do I start plain il' telnet

derek_stein@xxxxxxxxx did eloquently scribble:
I predict, as I have predicted in the past that corporate acceptance of
Linux will fade, as it should. Microsoft will own Linux. I do not see
why they should not, Linux is Microsoft!

I never thought anyone could be as wrong as this before now.
Congratulations, you've just lowered my expectations on the stupidity of the
human race by a few notches.

I continue to advise folks new to UNIX to follow the BSD - Sun path, or
SGI for that matter.

So, you advise people to use BSD, sun or a company that only just scraped
out of bankrupcy and who's future is far from certain?

That's clever.

Perhaps Red Hat Enterprise Linux is Apple (great premise, sounds good,
but it's not free - in UNIX terms $179 is not cheap to me!) and Fedora
is Microsoft!!!!! (in dev...............)

So, you're complaining about red hat.
Not linux.
Make up your mind.
Oh, and before you harp on about linux anymore i suggest you get a clue by
trying out some of the other NON-redhat based distributions.

You like unix so much, try slackware.

Whoever heard of an operating system sold in an enterprise version and
small-business, home editions!!

Everyone who ever bought windows XP? Or buys Vista?
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