Re: Swap Partition

Scott wrote:
Generally, you size the swap equal to 2x the amount of ram in the system.
Though I recall an article saying if you had 1+ GB of ram, then likely a
swap equal to 1GB was sufficient. You can always add swap partitions
later if necessary.

Well..thats not really a satisfactory answer.

If you run out of RAM the machine will start to swap. If you run out of swap it will stop the programs from working at all.

Swap is more or less the last ditch attempt to keep an under memoried machine with a lot of processes running from slowing to a halt. Instead it slows to a crawl..;-)

No machine will underperform with a gargantuan swap partition., so why not make it big?


"Francesco Barbuto" <fbarbuto@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi to all,

I am about to install Fedora Core 6 on my Linux Box.

I would love to know to what percentage of the hard disk dimensions
should the swap partition amount to.

For instance, for a 250 GB Hard Disk, how much swap partition should I


Regards, FRancesco

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