Re: Downloading packages for Linux on Windows

mailforpr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx said the following, on 03/09/2007 09:28 AM:

I've got a problem.I don't have an internet connection at home (where
I use Ubuntu Linux), and every time I need to intstall new software,
I've got to download all necessary packages at work manually, one
after another, day by day.


Is there some kind of 'Synaptic' for windows to make it easier for me?

Thanks a lot.

I don't know of a tool that works directly in Windows. (There may well be one, but I haven't used Windows seriously for several years.)

Synaptic itself does have a facility that you might find useful in putting together a "home brew" solution. It will generate a download script from a list of marked dependencies ['File' / 'Generate package download script']. At least on my Ubuntu machine, this script has the form:

#! /bin/sh

In other words, it will give you a file that contains the URLs to get your package(s) and all dependencies. If there is a Windows utility like 'wget', then you could probably just turn this into a batch file; otherwise, you can probably figure out a way to feed the URLs into some sort of download program.

Then you can transfer all the downloaded package files to a directory on your Linux box, and ask Synaptic to install them. It's a little clunky, but probably better than doing them one at a time.

Rich Gibbs
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