Re: Active mode FTP over PPP

logger <grumblers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Mark. Thanks for your reply. In answer to your questions.

I'm expecting the traffic from "A" to be routed to "B" via "A"'s
ethernet card through to "B"'s ethernet card.

So the datapath would be "client" via modem PPP to "B" modem PPP

You have dialed "A", I presume that you mean PPP to "A", then LAN to "B"

So server "A" has a PPP connection to Client and and Ethernet connection to

Hmmm, OK. You appear to be using the same IP network address for the two
machines, and you are trying to push traffic through A's PPP connection and
out through A's Ethernet port.

A has no obligation to forward the traffic, since the IP address for both the
PPP connection and the Ethernet port are the same (Unless A has been
configured to act as a bridge). A can presume that client can see B, because
it is on the same IP network address.

You need to rethink the topology here, and maybe look at creating a small
subnet and appropriate routing tables / default gateways.

My guess is that your problem with FTP is probably due to a reply packet being
dropped at A.



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