Re: filesystem 100% full, but files do not occupy the space

"Joachim Worringen" wrote
"Frank Winans" wrote:
"Joachim Worringen" wrote

I have a CentOS 4.4 machine with a 30GB hard disk. / is configured as
a LVM. The problem now is that (after some months of operation) the
root filesystem is 100% full (see "df -h" output below), but I can not
locate how the space is occupied (see du output further below). All
files take up maybe 4GB - where is the rest?
but you forget that your du command wildcard will not show
files/directories that start with a '.' character.

So try
cd / ; du -sh .* * | more
and look for those missing umpteen gigs there.

Thanks all for responding. My feedback:
- There are no .-dirs in / (checked with ls -la), and .-dirs from
subdirectories will be counted anyway, won't they?
- I already rebooted with fsck, which did not change anything
- log files (/var/log) are a few MBs only, and I did not rotate them.

Any more suggestions?

thanks, Joachim

Ooh! Good call about subdir .-dirs being counted anyway...

"more suggestions" ? Only of the 'clutching at straws' variety,

"do you use chattr to set files as {able to be undeled later}?
<see man lsattr and man chattr,
but that is the 'u' feature>

or like
"have you used exotic mke2fs settings to retain 95 percent
of the filesystem space reserved for root userid admin purposes,
instead of the default 5 percent of total capacity?"
<<That's the -m setting of mke2fs>>

or like
"if you mount some other computer's disk share on this box,
and copy your various major directories over there,
does this phantom disk usage get copied over too?