incomplete back-ups

dear all

i've been creating back-ups of our files every night through cron jobs
and my script
for this is like this:

0 21 * * 1 sudo cp -r /home /db/home_bu/mon
0 21 * * 2 sudo cp -r /home /db/home_bu/tue
0 21 * * 3 sudo cp -r /home /db/home_bu/wed
0 21 * * 4 sudo cp -r /home /db/home_bu/thu
0 21 * * 5 sudo cp -r /home /db/home_bu/fri
0 21 * * 6 sudo cp -r /home /db/home_bu/sat
0 21 * * 0 sudo cp -r /home /db/home_bu/sun

For several months, the scripts are working fine...however due to some
hardware failure
we created a new server only last week on another linux machine which
we configured same as the old machine.

The only differrence is that we upgraded from Ubuntu 5.04 (the Hoary
hedgehog) to 5.10 (Breezy

On this i transferred my cron scripts and have done a series of
testing where i found no
problem at all..

But when i checked yesterday, my back-ups whch is located on another
harddrive and is mounted as /db,
contains nothing but the administrator and ITdept folders only, and
the rest, has not been backed-up.
Thinking that my backup harddisk maybe full that is why its not doing
its back-ups completely, so i created
a shell script whch i named homebu_(day).sh, and i put the following

rm -rf /db/home_bu/mon/
mkdir /db/home_bu/mon/
cd /
sudo cp -r /home /db/home_bu/mon

...deleting first the existing back-up and creating a new one..

...and added to my crontab like this:
0 21 * * 1 /home/scripts/
0 21 * * 2 /home/scripts/
0 21 * * 3 /home/scripts/
0 21 * * 4 /home/scripts/
0 21 * * 5 /home/scripts/
0 21 * * 6 /home/scripts/
0 21 * * 0 /home/scripts/

I tested again and, it works. But again when i checked it this
morning, the back up file has again the
administrator and ITdept folders only..i don't understand this..
when i run the df command, it returns:

Filesystem 1K-blocks Used
Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/mapper/Ubuntu-root 75175056 20823028 50533328
30% /
tmpfs 254248 0
254248 0% /dev/shm
tmpfs 254248 12588
241660 5% /lib/modules/2.6.12-9-386/volatile
/dev/hda1 233335 11596
209291 6% /boot
/dev/hdc1 76920416 76920052
0 100% /db

my back up drive is 100% used, is this the reason? if it is then i
guess my approach to
solving it is not good at all.

Hope there could be someone who could explain further and help me
this problem...



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