Re: Firewalls, antivirus, etc

On Sun, 20 Jan 2008 17:38:01 GMT, mc wrote:
We are going to install some version ( redhat, ubuntu, fedora) on a computer
and start the learning process.

Easy for the normal mom/pop email and some surfing only, ubuntu.
Downside, you need a fast connection to complete installation.

Close to windows navigation ease of use, kubuntu or some other
distribution like Mandriva or Suse using KDE desktop manager as default.

One stop type Control Center, Suse and Mandriva.

We know the basics are needed.
What is the simplest software to download for firewall and antivirus?

Simple is when you know what you are doing. It is hard when you do not
know what you are doing. Only antivirus on linux is for filtering
malware for windows. Linux does not have the windows virus problems.
You will not be needing a defrager either.

Where is the best info for setting up dual, triple boot systems
(with or without windows OP sytems)?

Any of the top linux installs automagically setup dual boot for
windows/linux. Grug is getting to be the default boot loader.
My multiboot does, kubuntu, fedora, ubuntu, pclinuxos, and several
different releases of Mandriva.

If you like to experiment, want to have severs running, share files
with each other,.... I suggest a distribution which installs a
firewall by default. Mandriva does and you can configure it during install.

Want to see install Mandriva screen shots

Do not let the article overwhelm you. It is giving instructions on
setting up just about everything you would not be needing for your
everyday usage.

You need to use to see
what kind of support you can get from Usenet and what kind of things
you can search for based on which distribution you pick.