Re: Rebuilding my server

Bill Baka wrote:

I had a 10 year old MB that I bought for $1,200 in 1988. In 1997 I
couldn't even get $25 for it. I remember back then an upgrade to the hard
drive was from 10MB to 40MB with 1GB drives for $1,000.

The first machine I was sysadmin for had two hard drives. They ran at 2250
rpm or some such speed (three phase motors). They were the size of a
top-loading washing machine and cost $40,000 each (in about 1970). The good
thing about them was that you could take the disk packs off and replace
them. We did that routinely for backups, although we also did backups on a
mag tape drive that took about one refrigerator sized box.

A quick search reveals that my $600 motherboard I got at the end of 2003 is
now available for $555.99 or $515. I would have thought it would be cheaper
by now. Or not available. Supermicro X5DP8-G2.

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