Re: kickstart lan problem

raghu.vgl@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
i am tring to install rhel 4 through kickstart and nfs server
the client mechine having the RTL8110sc model lan card
at one stage it showing the messages
no network devices in choose network device
no network drivers for doing kickstart
unable to bring up network what to do

help me please

Don't use NFS for this if you can avoid it, seriously. While NFS is fastter, it's vulnerable to some subtler errors. FTP is almost as fast, HTTP is slower but often easier to set up in the first place.

That said, it sounds like your installation medium or OS image does not have the necessary network drivers. Can you switch to RHEL 5 or CentOS 5? Maybe boot with a CentOS 5 CD in rescue mode and see if you can activate the network devices, or similarly activate with an RHEL 4 first CD and see if you can activate them in rescue mode?

Also, beware: Linux has an awful habit of getting confused about which of two network ports is eth0, and which is eth1. So you may not be using the network port you think you expect, or they can swap in the middle of the install procedures.

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