Re: automatic start of computer

I demand that Jean-David Beyer may or may not have written...

Peter Köhlmann wrote:
Don't forget "Wake up on LAN"

If the OP is running a LAN, that might be the case. He did not say so, so
we do not know.

Of course the WOL signal could be coming in from the Internet as well, I
suppose, but that would require the "attacker" to know his NIC address and
an optional password. It would also be necessary that he have a power
supply that powers up the NIC even when the computer is off. Some people
turn the PSU off, too, when they shut down their system. In that case, WOL
would not work.

Well... let's just say that I've seen a computer wake up and start booting
for no obvious reason. No wake-up events were set or enabled (that I know
of); power supply should be clean (filtering extension sockets), but it's
possible that momentary dips in the supply triggered it ‒ I'd have to check
its BIOS config to see whether it's configured to use "last known state" on
power restoration, but I don't see how that should affect it since it had
been powered off, unless its last known state isn't being stored properly.

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