Re: time sync? time servers give wrong time

Ken Williams <kenw232@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

I'm in toronto. Eastern Standard time. I use netdate linux to sync my
clock. I use:

/usr/sbin/netdate -l 2 localhost

This was working fine until last week when the DST changed. Now it

It is NOT the servers. It is your /etc/localtime file. You are running a
very very old version of Linux.
Linux runs the system clock on UTC and gets UTC from the timeservers.
It then adds an appropriate amount according to the /etc/localtime file
mkdir /tmp/tz
cd /tmp/tz
tar -xzf /localation/of/tzdata2008a.tar.gz
As root
zic northamerica
cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Toronto /etc/localtime
chmod a+r /etc/localtime

and now your time will be fine.

reports one hour behind. Every name server does this. For example:

localhost +0.000 Thu Mar 13 19:17:51.519 -0.669 Thu Mar 13 19:17:51.000 -0.718 Thu Mar 13 19:17:51.000
Local host firewall has best time, so not setting date
localhost +0.000 Thu Mar 13 19:17:51.718

But its 20:17 right now in EST.

How do I fix this? Is this a setting that netdate needs to accurately
specify EST? or are all these time servers screwed? where on slackware
10 can I specify EST in my /etc. Everything was fine until recently
(sunday march 9 I think).


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