Re: Dual Booting

On 05 Apr 2008 06:29:14 GMT, JAG CHAN wrote:

My nephew, who is Windows XP user, now wants to switch over to Linux.

He is thinking of installing either Ubuntu or PCLinuxOS.

He is also upgrading his HDD from present 40GB to 160GB.

With that much extra space he can create a 512+ megabyte swap
partition and about a 12 gigabyte partition for each distribution he
wishes to play with.

However before completly switching over to Linux he wants to try out
Linux by dual booting it with Windows XP, which he is using at present.

How should he go about it?

I usually pick custom/manual during the partition phase, create/format
a partition, set it / and continue with the install.

That is how should he partition his HDD for Linux installation.

Usually a chili/apple pie recipe question. :)
Do bookmark the following large FAQ search engine url.

You usually create a swap partition 512 megabytes or the size of
memory whichever is larger.
You then create a root partition called / around 12 gigabytes.
and install the distribution there.

Does Linux install in NTFS format or he will have to make partion of FAT
32 ?

None of the above. install normally formats it as ext3.

In general any help regarding how he should go about it will be of great
help to us.

I can recommend creating a rescue cd from

Use it to create an extended partition out of the free space on the new
drive. Then create the swap and / partition inside extended partition.
During install of the distribution, you pick custom/manual during
partition phase, select root (/) partition and away you go.

I keep several ~12 gig partitions for installing new releases and
playing with other distributions.

Snippet from my boot menu with comments
title linux <------ current install
title 2008_1_rc2 <------ Release candidate 2 for Mandriva Linux (32 bit)
title 2008_0 <------ Production Mandriva Linux
title 2007_1 <------ Previous Production Mandriva Linux
title pclinuxos <------ PCLinuxOS
title Ubuntu 7.10 <------ Ubuntu release 7.10
title hotbu <------ Hot backup of current release
title fc8 <------ Fedora Core Release 8
title 2008.1_64 <------ 64 bit rc1 Mandriva Linux
title fedora_iso <------ Boots fedora iso from disk instead of cdrom
title XP_Home <------ Initial OS install
title XP_Rescue <------ rescue partition for XP

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