I have a PC laptop that has a single NTFS partition, and I'd like to
install GRUB or LILO. My goal is to boot into the OS on the NTFS
partition using a Linux-type bootloader. Of course, it's easy to
install GRUB if you have an available e2fs or fat partition for /boot/
grub, but I only have NTFS at this time. I have never installed LILO
by hand, but I understand that it might work, too.

I compiled GRUB2, but it segfaults. GRUB legacy doesn't seem to want
to install to NTFS. It says "filesystem type unknown, partition type
0x7." I'm using the GRUB from Knoppix 5.0 DVD, which is 0.95 or so.

Does anyone know of a way to install a Linux-type bootloader onto an
NTFS partition? If not, is there a better place to ask this question?

Thanks in advance.

(Hardware is Dell Inspiron 9300, WD 250GB 2.5" hard drive as /dev/
sda. CD-ROM + USB. No floppy.)

- Kert

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