Re: Does rysnc works for this?

On Sat, 17 May 2008 02:06:56 -0700, Jacky, Jack wrote:

I am going to plan to make a backup with a old server. Previously, my
guys told me that when using dd for clone like command to make the clone
results in hard disk corruption. I am planning to work like this:

dd might work like a charm...

Had some controller issues on a Wintendo. Installed old and new disk in a
lab computer. Booted a Linux live CD. Used dd to copy the old 40G SCSI HD
onto a new 150G SATA. Created a new NTFS-partition for extra space for
home folders. Installed the SATA disk into the Wintendo box and booted. I
then moved the home folders, but that's another story...

On the new machine:
1. Boot from live cd for else that supports networking. 2. Mount the
local hard drive and format as ext3 (label: /) 3. rysnc the old machine
root (/) to the new one.

4. Install bootloader. (man grub-install)
5. Check /etc/udev for rules that might change expected device names. (On
my workstation, changing /etc/udev/rules.d/z25_persistent-net.rules is
critical in order to make networking work from first boot)

Two machine hardware configuration is identicial, I would like to ask,
does it work?


Regards/mvh Joachim Mæland

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