Re: Kernel upgrade

On 22 May, 10:59, sridhar <srib...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am planning to upgrade my Fedora Kernel from to 2.6.24...
(to overcome the kino firewire issue) Just wanted to know what kind of
problems I can expect to encounter. Hope there will be no recompiling
of applications. will it have any effect on the kernel modules? I
don't want to do many things other than upgrading the kernel using

Thanks, NS

Kernel updates are pretty painless now. If you update it with yum, it
should leave the old kernel in place so you can revert to it if
needed. There may be other packages associated with it, such as
mkinitrd or Xen, that also need updating to go with it. But that's
what RPM packaging and yum are for.

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