Re: Which distro?

Jerry Stuckle wrote:

Hi, all,

I've got several VPS's, and have been using Debian on all of them. It's
been working fine for me, with the exception of one site.

This one site is heavily modified due to some system requirements. Exim
recompiled with MySQL support, for instance, and a bunch of other things.

As a result, upgrading the system has become a nightmare, because you
have to check everything you're going to upgrade to ensure it's not
going to break something else.

So, what I'm looking for is a distro where I can install as little as
possible - if possible, just the basic OS (with networking, etc.).
Additional packages I will compile and install myself.

Any suggestions as to which would be the best distro for this?


Hello, Yes it is me :)

Here is what I use,

You install a minimal install and then use pacman the package manager to
load just what you want. This is a rolling distribution ie no reinstall on
the latest. Just uses pacman to fetch and install the newest packages.

You can also download the Arch Build System to create a custom package and
install it, and pacman will then track it.

I use to build my own using linux from scratch but this is better.

Tayo'y Mga Pinoy