Re: Which distro?

I demand that Jerry Stuckle may or may not have written...

John Hasler wrote:
Exim does not require Mysql.

My Exim installation does - and therein lies the problem. The Exim which
is supplied with Debian replaces mine on an upgrade, and all email stops

Then build your own *packaged* versions (you should add an entry to
debian/changelog, modifying the version number by adding something like
"+local1"), install them (use dpkg) & mark them as "held" (aptitude allows

To build, use "debuild binary" (requires devscripts) or, if you want a source
package containing your changes to be built as well, "debuild".

Upgrading any given modified package should be fine, so long as you put your
changes in whatever patch system the source package uses or you can readily
identify them in the .diff.gz.

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