Re: setting up a server with no screen or keyboard: use X or just ssh?

obakesan <pellicleundies@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I was thinking of setting it up to run with no screen / keyboard to save space
in the apartment (and keep it out of the way).

Can anyone advise me if its better to try and get X going on the 'client'
computers and connect to the server via X or just use SSH?

I run a similar setup here. My servers have no screen and keyboard, and
I access them via telnet from client machines.

I have no X components on the server.

My servers provide web services, wiki documentation, usenet news feed,
internet relay chat, sql database services, and all sorts of stuff, all
without X, so SSH would work just fine for you.



Mark Hobley,
393 Quinton Road West,
B32 1QE.

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