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philo illuminated comp.os.linux.setup by typing:

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philo illuminated comp.os.linux.setup by typing:
After a ton of experimenting I got a system working to my liking

Fedora Core 10 did the job.

You mean Fedora?


thanks for the correction...
my last major installation was FC5

No worries, philo. There's always a pedantic bloke around the corner.

The "core" was dropped at version 6 with the merging of the Red Hat
"Core" and Community Extra Repos. Since 7 it has simply been known as

As an aside, you should have tried one of the "Hardware Savvy"

Linux Mint is getting good press. Although, I've had *far* more
hardware success with Ubuntu than anythig else. Not only that, but the
community is rather vast and solutions seem to "hit" well before most
other distros.

The "problem" I has was more in the fine details...
all of the distros I tried were able to configure my video card...
but only Mandriva installed the mfg's video driver.

Most distro's actually refuse to use "binary blobs". For reasons that
should be apparent. I'll point to terms like GPL and "Open Source" for
a clue.

I was looking for some fine tuning features such as gamma adjustment.

Well. You simply install the NVidia drivers in any distro and then the
nvidia configuration settings package which will do exactly that.

Problem is it's not that simple...
a new kernel needs to be compiled...
one I had the kernel development library was simple enough to
to in Fedora...
but for various reasons I ran into a number of snags in Debian...
I installed Debian on another 4 gig may fooe with it more later

Anyway I am a bit partial to Red Hat and it's derivatives
as I started out with Red Hat 5.2 back in the year 2000.

Good man.

Though I am an old timer who started out taking a Fortran IV class
back in 1968 ...with punch cards...
but 1982 I got out of computers entirely
(ironic, as that's the year thr PC came out)

However in July 1999 my girlfriend gave me her old P1 and I got hooked.
Within six months of learning my way around win9x and dos...I decided to
give Linux a try.
It took me a long time to catch on...
but I learned more with the RedHat 5.2 cd than I did in 4 years of

All the distros I tried were good...
but for my purposed Fedora 10 was the best option.

I like Fedora. Although I hate rpm's.

Now that I am done testing...I am putting my 4 gig drive aside
and popping in a 40 gig >G<

Blimey. Keep moving like that and you'll end up in this century. ;-)

Yep...that's what I said in 2001:

I have finally entered the 20th century

of course it was then the 21st !

So I was getting into my car, and this bloke says to me "Can you give
me a lift?" I said "Sure, you look great, the world's your oyster, go
for it.