Re: Email server setup

Justin wrote:
Try this over flurdys. My first attempt was using flurdys but I found easier to work through.

That is a great site. Thanks!
And thanks for the postfix entries below.
I just assembled the computer yesterday and have postfix
running. I'll work through the other things this week and hope
to have the system complete (other stuff besides email) by
next weekend.


I built it firstly on Ubuntu 9.04 Server 64 bit but when I migrated to purpose built machine I used 32bit server. Server does not install GUI so on the second build I completed the initial bare bones OS installation, sorted SSH server and Webmin. From then on I did all the rest of the install from my workstation, browser open at for guidance, SSH and Webmin for installing and tweaking.

To get what you want you will need Webmail and POP/IMAP. There are a few options, all of which have their fan base, but I haven't yet gone wrong with Dovecot and Squirrelmail. My 15 client users are way more than happy with the setup, especially the huge reduction of spam hitting their mailboxes. I am also some what more responsive than the local ISPs to sort issues.

The spam filtering I use in my Postfix includes

smtpd_recipient_restrictions =

smtpd_data_restrictions =

# Strange Syntax / Strict syntax
smtpd_helo_required = yes
strict_rfc821_envelopes = yes

These block 70-85% of all attempts to connect and send spam. Some people avoid uceprotect because they can be a bit aggressive, but here in lil ole New Zealand it has been an issue only once so far.

I also have spamassassian and ClamAV scanning.



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