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:> :On a side note, is there some reason why older fc rpm
:> :packages are left on an upgrade? =A0ie I have some fc10
:> :rpms and not fc11 ones after the upgrade which I suspect
:> :might be causing this? =A0Seems to me fedora should take
:> :care of it for me during upgrade somehow.
:> That can happen when you wait to do the upgrade until a long time after
:> the release. =A0Problem is that updates to F-10 during that interval have
:> installed packages with version numbers that make them "newer" than what
:> is on the F-11 disk. =A0Does the installation disk allow you to specify
:> additional repos during an upgrade? =A0If so, you could try the upgrade
:> again and add an F-11 "updates" repo to the mix. =A0That will hopefully
:> bring in the correct version of those packages. =A0The only other thing I
:> can suggest is manually running rpm with the "--oldpackage" option to
:> force installation of any of the "older" F-11 packages that look like
:> they are needed, but you are likely to find yourself going through
:> Dependency Hell with that approach.
:As near as I can tell, unless the package is discarded as part of the
:new release, this older/newer package desynchronization only occurs
:when there is a published update for both the older and newer OS, and
:you've failed to run "yum update" for the new OS.

That's exactly the situation you'll find yourself in if you take a fully
updated F-10 installation and try to upgrade it with the F-11
installation disk (now more than 6 months out of date) without also
including an F-11 "updates" repository in your upgrade process. You
stand a good chance of ending up with a system that is too broken to be
able to do any further updates on its own.

"yum update" can
:suck up one hell of a lot of bandwidth if packages like kde language
:or OpenOffice packages have updated, and take quite a long time to
:run, but they're worth doing.

Amen. When I upgraded from F-11 to F-12 with an F-12 "os" release repo
available locally, there were already 300MB of F-12 updates that got
pulled in from the net, and this was within a week of the F-12 release.
That's pretty hard to avoid when using a distro that changes as rapidly
as does Fedora.

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