Re: Limitation of partition's capacity with Fdisk ?

On Dec 12, 4:29 am, spi...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
And verily, didst Nico Kadel-Garcia <nka...@xxxxxxxxx> hastily babble thusly:

I'm not shocked: fdisk is an ancient and venerable tool, but limited.
And not even all RAID *controllers* can handle RAID sets over 2
Terabytes due to 32 bit limits: I ran into that little issue about 5
years ago when I was stuffing 300 Gig disks into a fiber-channel array
for a render farm. It's not surprising that the OS tools are running
into problems.

And at least you're at the latest stable Debian. I'd hate to have to
do it with RHEL, which is nearly 3 years old.

Pah, I ran into that problem 5 years ago. Parted solved it, only fdisk
failed. I'm slightly surprised no-one's thought to add gnu parted partition
support (which I think gpt stands for) into fdisk yet, but it's been a known
fix for at least that long.

Well, fdisk might work well with the most venerable of controllers:
not everyone is going to have 2 TB disks to support yet! Not upgrading
such core utilities until you have to is a basic step to preserve
stability. And the friendly installers would have to be rewritten to
use parted instead of fdisk, which is a tricky bit of work. It
certainly seems worth doing, as gpt partition tables become more
reliable or even universally available.