Re: task manager like tool for linux?

On 2010-06-01, Nasser M. Abbasi <nma@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

For example, now I have firefox froze on me on fedora, I was in the
middle of saving a page as web page.

I know I can use ps -a, find the process id, and use kill, but sometimes
that does not kill the process, and now when I did ps -a, it did not
even list firefox

ps -a | grep -i firefox

even thought I started it, and I can see it there froze on the desktop.

Please note that a task-manager-like tool won't solve this or the other
problems you describe.

The point is, it would be much easier for new users if a task-manager
like GUI tool is there (ofcourse, one must be root to run it?).

If you have KDE, you can try ksysguard. From playing with it for about
five minutes it looks like a very fancy version of top (plus what seem
like some gkrellm-like features). You don't need to be actively running
KDE in order to use ksysguard.

I also have another GUI application which is hanged. Also xsane hangs up
when coming up searching for devices, and kill does not seem to work on it.

Again, a task manager won't help you with this. Have you tried kill -9?
This should be considered a last resort, but if you've already tried
kill (which by defaults sends SIGTERM, or kill -15) then you basically
have no other real options anyway.


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