Re: A newbie question - trying to resize a given 15GB vdi file to a bigger one

On Jul 17, 2:44 am, Hans-Peter Diettrich <DrDiettri...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
tino schrieb:

I am very new to Linux (using it about a week or so..

I'm using Linux a bit longer, but still cannot give concrete advice :-(

I'm using a Windows Vista 64bit host machine, on which I installed the
latest VirtualBox (3.2.6).
The problem occured when using a guest machine image based on Linux 8
Helena.. being a newbie I thought this image could help me start
without the need of installing everything from scratch, at least till
I acquire enough knowledge to do so more confidently

Installing Linux can be fun, depending on the distro. I'd give it a try,
at least...

I've been usingVirtualRailsfor about a week.. pretty quick
and with no special effort I got 13GB out of the available fixed 15GB
used (I realise a more experienced Linux user could maybe have done
what I did with less.. but in my feeling 15 GB are
pretty limiting and I don't wish to constantly keep worrying about the
capacity of my guest machine..)

Therefore - went ahead and read about resizing partitions..

You may be better of with a secondvirtualdrive, that you mount for
your existing (or better a new user) home directory, or as a dedicated
~/Data directory. Even if Linux has only one root directory, you can
mount additional disks (partitions) as any folder. Simply think of
~/Data like of a Windows D:\ drive. The only requirement: the mountpoint
(folder) must be empty, or a new folder, otherwise you cannot mount
anything into it. Then move all important files from your home directory
to that new directory or user, and don't forget to clear the trash
folder. Then 15GB should be enough for the OS disk.

Thank you :)
Your offered solution sounds like something I'm goona try today..
Got it :)
Think will stick to your recommendation and not try to resize bootable
partitions, at least till I acquire sufficient knowledge + really have
to :)
I'll look into mountpoints then and how to add another partition
correctly (at the moment of writing before studying what you suggested
I'm still not sure whether the additional partition should be
formatted as "primary" or "extended" partition.. my guess it can be
primary.. but as I wrote, will read more before writing any further
guesses which may be wrong..)

Have found some really great tutorials out there and followed a
procedure using GParted Live CD in order to copy the existing
partition into a bigger one.

I never did so, moving bootable systems looks quite complicated to me :-(

Anyway, when I try to copy only the primary partition and resizing it
to the new bigger HD it works fine..but when I try to boot with the
new image as a primary master (after removing the smaller old vdi
file) - I get a blank black screen with a white static underscore at
the top
left (there's a better name to it I think.. just can't recall it

That's why I ... ;-)

I simoltaneously installed a fresh Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on my VB (with
100GB *grin*) thinking I should be doing the whole configuration and
stuff by myself now..

Consider to use multiple disks or partitions the next time, for e.g.
/usr, /tmp and /home/yourname - have a look at the suggested mountpoints
in GParted. Extending such additional partitions should be easy, later,
because they do not affect booting from your dedicated OS drive.


Thanks again :)