Re: It's 2010 going on 2011. Who seriously uses Linux still?

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Isn't Windows still subject to 80s era type widescale
vulnerabilities and viral outbreaks?

I don't think it has anything to do with the time. It was
just crappy software.

Linux is a clone of Unix, which is a 70s OS. I've never had a
problem with any malware and I have a firewall with 3 rules in
the ruleset, copied off the web. I typically run as root, too.

It's not easy to see how when you decide to try something like
Windows 7 MCE and see what kind of sites you need to go to in
order to get things like plugins and codec packs.

It really puts the whole Apple walled garden with the
iPad into perspective. You have these sites that look really
disreputable with all sorts of little sort of HTML landmines
and are generally ugly and scary looking and hard to deal with.

That's before you get stuff downloaded and try to install

Package managers have me spoiled.

It's 2010. Why bother with the Brand X mentality?

I like simple package managers. A handful of shell scripts.


Macs don't have the malware to deal with but they have their
own odd corporate culture to deal with.

I have used Macs a couple of times. Seemed like Windows to me.
But then, KDE and Gnome, et al, seem like Windows to me.


Then you're either an idiot or blind. I cant figure out. I suspect an
idiot who is trying to promote himself as a hard core cli jockey.

By your reckoning ANYTHING with a GUI is "like Windows".

Your statement is nonsense.