Re: [OT] [Troll] Go away

On 9/12/2010 18:01, Aragorn wrote:

On Thursday 09 December 2010 15:58 in comp.os.linux.setup, somebody
identifying as Chris Ahlstrom wrote...

Bit Twister pulled this Usenet face plant:

On Thu, 9 Dec 2010 08:49:13 -0500, Chris Ahlstrom wrote:

I have an idea, "Hadron" ... why don't you just go away and stop
trolling this serious newsgroup. Seriously.

------ standard troll toy response follows: --------------------

When your newsgroup becomes too noisy from troll and users responding
to trolls, your subject matter experts will unsubscribe and your
group could become nothing but troll heaven.

Dude, the same will also happen if you do nothing.

Once you have two trolls, they feed off each other. There are already
3 here. For the record, "Hadron" once promised to keep his tripe in
"COLA". So much for that promise.

Although Hadron is in my killfile, I see quoted posts from him in
alt.os.linux.ubuntu [*] and alt.os.linux.debian as well, and on
occasion also in comp.os.linux.misc, albeit that the latter may be via
crossposted threads from C.O.L.A.

He's definitely not going to go away. That much is certain.

[*] His contributions there appear to be limited to just ad hominems and
spiteful comments about how other regulars are (in his opinion)
inadequately replying to questions from newbies.

That's been known by many for a long time:-

"You're still an arrogant prick full of himself and your shitty attitude
does far more harm than good."
Meat Plow in reply to Hadron - alt.os.linux.ubuntu
Message-ID: <1k4eg4.693.17.1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

You know, I only see 2 arrogant posts in this thread by a self-proclaimed
newsgroup king which happens to be your posts.
Stephan Rose - alt.os.linux.ubuntu
Message-ID: <arydnWqYufdYUPvanZ2dnUVZ8sbinZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

$ cd hadron
hadron:~ $ sudo aptitude install ounce_of_credibility
bash:~$ aptitude: ounce_of_credibility not found.
Mark South - alt.os.linux.ubuntu
Message-ID: <4766d025$1_3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

And so on, & so on.

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